Service Above And Beyond


150 Kuniholm Drive

Holliston, MA 01746




Monday - Friday

7:30 AM to 5:30 PM


We are a full service provider for european vehicles.  Our product offering includes:
  1. Regularly schedule service intervals - we follow manufactures recommened services
  2. Repair of most systems to include engine, tranmission, syspension, other driveline components, brakes, tires, exhaust, coolant, and air conditioning. 
  3. Computer diagnostics and repair of all electrical systems which may include necessary downloading, coding and programming



Other service benefits:


  1. 12 month warranty on all parts and labor.
  2. Original equipment quality parts or equivelent.
  3. Compementry loaner cars for larger repair or service work.
  4. Local shuttle service
  5. Flexibility for drop off and pickup of vehicles after hours.



We will examine your car and provide a list of issues and concerns with an associated cost.  We do not work on your car without your verbal approval of work to be performed.



After hours drop off:


There is a key drop in the main door.  Place the keys in with a note.  Please include a name and phone number to reach you the next day.






  1. Audi, BMW, Mercedes and mini can go 10,000 to 15,000 miles between service intervals using fully synthetic motor oil, we rcommend a service interval of 7,500 to 8,000 miles.  This will prevent sludge buildup especially in the vent boxes.
  2. Saab and Volvo we recommend at least semi-synthetic oil at 5,000 mile intervals